What are Ankle Safety Shoes & How They Protect?

Ensuring safety of the workers remains the prime concern for employer and to do that they provide them with a variety of personal protective equipment that give protection to their eyes, hands, feet, etc. When it comes to feet protection, the market is flourished with a variety of safety shoes, but not all are meant to be used in every industry segment.

Some of the popular kinds of safety shoes that workers often purchase include normal safety shoes, gumboots, and ankle safety shoes. While first two are pretty clear, there always remains a little haze about the third one.

What are Ankle Safety Shoes?

Shoes that reach up to or over the ankle of wearer are termed as ankle boots.

As for the safety shoes, ankle safety shoes are meant to provide protection to the ankles along with the foot against accidental hazards at the workplace. This two gets further divided into law ankle safety shoes and high ankle safety shoes, which a buyer can chose from as per their business requirement. The high ankle safety shoes are often used by construction workers and chemical unit workers to cover their legs completely.

How Ankle Safety Shoes Provide Protection?

There are many ways in which ankle safety shoes can protect the feet against accidents at the workplace that may lead to absence from work for a long time or even permanent disfigurement. 

Some of the common hazards include:

Falling or Flying Objects

Industries and construction sites that use heavy objects remain vulnerable to falling and flying of heavy objects on the workers. Ankle safety shoes protects feet against such heavy objects thus reducing the chances of injury, which might be caused because of falling of any heavy object on the foot.

Puncture through Sharp Objects

Industrial workshops and construction sites alike use a lot of sharp objects that may get into the workers foot unknowingly. To provide protection against these objects ankle safety shoes with heavy duty insoles and mid soles are considered ideal so that no sharp object would inject through the foot.

Protection against Falling or Accidents from Vehicle

Industries where heavy machinery or vehicles are used the chances of a worker falling in front of them or being a victim of accident are pretty high. A normal shoe would provide protection to your feet only if a vehicle runs over the feet, but an ankle length shoe will protect your ankle as well if the vehicle is way too heavy or reaching up to the ankle, thus averting the chances of damage to the ankle. This also helps in reducing the chances of causing injury to the foot and ankle when using any foot handled machinery at work.

With heavy vehicles moving around the construction site chances of them running over the foot of the workers are pretty high. Ankle length shoes can provide protection against any such incident.

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